Domus Work & Learn Centre, United States of America

As a major employer in Stamford, Trafigura supports marginalised youth in the community through the Domus Work & Learn Centre.

The Trafigura Work & Learn Centre in Stamford was designed to help young people between 14 and 25 successfully move on from high school to skilled jobs, college or vocational studies. The programme targets young people who have experienced social and emotional trauma or struggled academically as well as those at risk of homelessness and involvement in criminal activity.

Participants are taught skills which, to a large extent, they suggest themselves, from bicycle and small engine repair to wood working or food preparation. They take home a pay check at the end of the month and are ultimately able to regain hope and confidence in themselves and in their futures.

2015-2016 saw after-school programmes, summer camps and education at a detention centre, among other activities. Statistics show satisfactory outcomes. 99% showed improvement in technical skills related to the business in which they participated, as measured by pre- and post-testing. 49% had found employment—almost universally their first job ever, by the time they completed their Work & Learn Session. More recently, in 2016, almost all youth referred to the juvenile court diversion programme avoided re-arrest in the six months following project completion. Happily, all the young people on the residential programme (group homes and supervised apartment living) graduated from high school and went on to college or a vocational course. High-risk American youths are on a path to independence.

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Key figures

  • 97%

    students passed

  • 45%

    found a job

97% students passed
45% found a job

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