Shanghai, China

In 2013, Trafigura’s Shanghai office formalised its charitable activities by creating an official Charity Committee, which meets regularly and currently counts 13 members.


The Shanghai Charity Committee concentrates on raising funds for health and education, with a specific focus on the elderly, disabled and the disadvantaged. Some of the programmes under consideration include a cataract surgery project, stem cell transplants for leukemia patients, access to medical treatment for disadvantaged patients with serious illnesses, and scholarships for needy students. To this end, in autumn 2014, the Foundation ran a Goodwill Day and charity Football Tournament.

Shanghai Charity Committee

From left to right: Tony Tang, Catherine Lou, Oilie Luo, Emily Xu, Anita Lu(front), Nicholas Goeritz (back), Carol Zhou, William Song, Ellen Mao, Leo Hu, Shirley Zhu, Qinghong Lai, Robin Wang, Vivian Geng.

Fundraising activities organised