Shanghai, China

Another brick in the wall: the Shanghai Charity Committee’s support to the Caiping School


In the last two years the Shanghai Charity Committee dedicated time, money, and energy to the refurbishment of the Caiping School. A first fundraising round held in 2015-2016 helped to cover the expenses for the instalment of windows, the electronic systems and computers, printers, and fans. However, until last autumn, the school was still in precarious conditions, with a leaking roof and old rotted walls. Hence, the local committee started a second fundraising campaign and leveraged the matching funds’ scheme of the Foundation to properly rebuild the school. The perfect timing of the intervention allowed completing the refurbishment during winter vacations. When the kids and teachers went back to school from holidays, they were shocked and even tearing: unbelievably, they finally had a suitable and nice studying environment!

The refurbishment of the Caiping School. The school before and after the intervention of the Shanghai Committee. 


The Shanghai Charity Committee. Front Row: Chloe Zuo, Anita Lu, Angela Gu, Shirley Zhu, Ellen Wen, Ellen Mao. Back Row: William Song, Tony Tang, Michael Wong, Stephen Chang, Leo Hu.