North Star Alliance - Sub-equatorial and East Africa

We have supported North Star Alliance in keeping supply chains healthy and safe since 2012. From 2015, we are focusing our joint efforts on a programme dedicated to the Dar corridor in Tanzania.

In 2005, HIV/AIDS was found to be extremely prevalent amongst truck drivers in Africa, while communities based along the main transport corridors were affected by several STDs and other communicable diseases. North Star Alliance strives to cover the health gap in which highly mobile populations fall, extending its health reach to the sex workers population.

North Star Alliance does this by providing health care services through a number of Roadside Wellness Centers, which are strategically set up along the continents main logistical corridors. To-date, 33 Roadside Wellness Centres (RWCs) have been set up, and further locations are being explored.

As of 1 January 2015, we have renewed our partnership with North Star for three years. The objective is to establish new RWCs along the strategic Dar to Tunduma logistical corridor. Three out of six clinics are already open to truckers and communities in Dar, Iringa and Tunduma. Find out more here

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Key figures

  • 33

    Roadside Wellness Centres

  • 280,000+

    visits to RWCs

33 Roadside Wellness Centres
280,000+ visits to RWCs

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