HBI, Philippines

In 2014, the Trafigura Foundation made a three-year commitment to HBI. We chose a project in a fishing community in San Fernando, La Union. The objective is to improve the health, sanitation, education, and livelihood of local school kids and the surrounding community.

The San Agustin Elementary School currently functions under dire conditions, with a low attendance rate; the San Agustin community is underserved, overpopulated, marginalised, and depressed. HBI aims to help the school improve its infrastructure and educational services, while addressing the community’s sanitation and livelihood issues.

The plan for the next three years (2014-2016) is that sustainability will be ensured by joint school-community livelihood projects that will provide additional income to community members and parents, and a source of sustainable funding for the school.

The impact of this three-year intervention is envisioned as follows, based on HBI’s past successful experiences all over the country:

  • Health & sanitation: Rehabilitation of existing and creation of new toilets for the community; health and hygiene awareness
  • Education & school services: Improved infrastructure, services and child support for the San Agustin Elementary School
  • Implementation of three types of livelihood projects: In the 2nd and 3rd livelihood project, participants will remit 20% of their income for the maintenance of the community’s toilets and the continuation of key education programmes for their children
  • Empowerment & training: Beneficiaries will attend trainings and workshops to develop skills; project committees will be set up to ensure that a management structure is in place and the project remains sustainable even after HBI withdraws

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Key figures

  • 95%

    attendance at school

  • 23

    new lavatories

95% attendance at school
23 new lavatories

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