Georges Malaika Foundation, DRC

Starting with an inaugural class of 104 students, the GMF School for Girls in Kalebuka now hopes to expand. Through our support of the construction of three new classrooms, we hope this number can now grow.

An educated woman in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) will earn up to 25% more and will reinvest 90% of her income in her family and the local community. Despite this, girls still face immense obstacles in obtaining education in the DRC.

Aiming to combat these obstacles, the GMF School for Girls opened its doors in 2011 with 104 students to provide a holistic package of education to Congolese girls. A free accredited school, GMF not only provides tuition, but also school supplies, uniforms, art and theatre classes, two healthy meals a day and physical activities twice a week. With the exception of the locally hired teachers and support staff, GMF is wholly operated by unpaid experts and volunteers.

With our support, three new classrooms were built in 2014, attracting an extra 100 pupils and bringing the total number of pupils up to 202.

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Key figures

  • 202

    girls receive free education

  • 3

    new classrooms built

202 girls receive free education
3 new classrooms built

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