Eau & Vie, Philippines

The Trafigura Foundation has been supporting the programme in the Philippines, since 2009. The purpose of this programme is to supply reasonably-priced running water in slums under a social business model.

In the urban slums of developing countries, access to clean and safe drinking water is a major issue. Water can be purchased, although at a very high price and of impure quality, often to the point of causing chronic diseases. Eau & Vie, French for ‘water and life’, relies on social entrepreneurship as a way to create solutions to this issue that involves the local community and promotes income generation.

The local population is encouraged to take part in the development of small companies that create and manage fresh water supply networks. These small social concessions provide good quality water to the community at a reasonable cost. Other aspects of this social entrepreneurship scheme include:

  • Distribution of drinking water at home for one-third of the price with collection based on the principles of micro-credit
  • Hygiene and environment awareness trainings
  • Installation of sanitary complexes
  • Fire-fighting system managed by trained members of the community

In the Philippines, Eau & Vie has established a local enterprise to manage the water network in Cebu and in Cavite, South-West of Manila, where a 15-year partnership contract was signed in 2011 to enable Eau & Vie’s partners to supply water to the locals from the new water network. 

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Key figures

  • 1,500+

    families connected to clean water in 2014

  • 5,700

    people connected in total

1,500+ families connected to clean water in 2014
5,700 people connected in total

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